Innocent Vision是一家提供优质设计服务的设计公司。 提供有价值的设计服务是我们的唯一行为准则。 我们的工作包括图形和标识,产品和包装,展览,网站和数字体验,产品空间,广告和通信。 我们致力于探索视觉语言的边界,探索视觉语言在不同载体和语境中的可能性。 Innocent Vision is a design company that provides high quality design services. The provision of valuable design services is our only code of conduct. Our work includes graphics and logo, product and packaging, exhibition and installation, website and digital experience, Product space, advertising and communication. We are devoted to exploring the boundaries of visual language and exploring the possibilities of visual language in different carriers and contexts.
北京市 朝阳区 兆维工业园 裸心社
Open heart agency , ZhaoWei industrial park , Chaoyang District , Beijing